Lost MOT certificate

If you have lost your current MOT certificate then it is now a lot easier to find out its due date and get a replacement if necessary.

Firstly, unless you have been requested to produce your MOT certificate by the police, you are unlikely to require a replacement. You can now buy your Tax disc online, and if you do this the computerised record of your MOT is checked rather than you needing to present the MOT certificate.

How to check when your MOT is due.

If you just need your current certificate to check when the MOT is due and you have the vehicle V5C registration document "logbook" then you can use the MOT Computerisation Web Site to tell you the due date of the MOT.

How to get a replacement MOT certificate.

If you do need a replacement certificate take your V5C registration document to any MOT testing station and they can provide you with a replacement, they are likely to charge you £10 for this service.